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The Ramones- It's Alive


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bought this yesterday. alls i can say is...wow. i have all their albums and shit but...i always find with like any band...y'know, any legendary band everytime you see/listen to them again, its a revelation all over again. like y'know, you're so locked into theorizing and shit it takes that expierience of revision, of going back and listening to it and hearing it again and...i just CANNOT explain the rush :):):) The Ramones are just so unfalteringly divine that its difficult to...apply words to effectively communicating what a fucking miracle of the lord these motherfuckers were...it shit like this that makes life worth living. and if that sounds like a flimsy existence then buy this dvd, watch this band...to me they're like a fucking "How To" thing. i was sitting there with my guitar straining to see where Johnnys hands were going on the neck and by golly, it almost sounded like somethin i tell ya, almost, al-fucking-most...and im still up and my fingers hurt like FUCK :lol: exaggeration but they're certainly sore :lol:

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