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USB guitar interfaces

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I'm guessing you still need a top notch sound card to get studio sound, because you can buy a 1$ hook up and attach your guitar to your computer and get sound, with a decent sound card you can get great sound.

With a USB interface, like the POD, the sound interface takes the place of your PC's soundcard.

All the analog to digital conversion is done on the effects board.

I have a PODxt Live, and fucking love it. It's not going to get studio-quality sound because, well, you can only get that from a studio. But it gets a damn good sound. You can edit just about everything. One of the coolest features is that you can change the order of some of the effects like the modulator (phase, chorus, ect.) and reverb to have them come in before the amp or after the mic. That totally changes the sound around.

It's a really cool pedal and like I said, I fucking love the thing. If you ever get a chance to mess around with one for a bit, definitely do it.

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