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The 69 Eyes


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I was over a friends house last week,sifting through his and his wifes huge CD collection. Many times I found a gem of a band I've never heard of there. Anyway,last week I stumbled on The 69 Eyes album Framed In Blood (greatest hits).

The name intrigued me,so I borrowed it and haven't been able to stop playing it since. I've watched as many Youtube videos of them that I could find.

My favorite songs so far are Devils,Gothic Girl,Lost Boys,Velvet Touch,and Dance D'Amour.

Just wondering if anyone here is a fan of this band,and if so do you have any album recommendations since the only one I have is the greatest hits.

Here are some Youtube links if you have never heard them.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Dance D'Amour

Lost Boys

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Great band. Last time they were in MA I missed their show (was out of town) which still bums me out. Angels wasn't quite as good as Devils, which is really good. Paris Kills and Blessed Be are amazing. HIM is another really good Finnish band, poppier though. The Eyes's old stuff was really LA sleeze rock, then they had their gothic stage, and in my opinion Angels was a mix of the two sounds (considering they're really into LA now that they're in the US with Bam Margera a lot).

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"wrap your troubles in dreams" is their best song, there is not a good version on you tube otherwise i would have linked it.

"Grey" is quite unique, the video i posted is not associated with the song nor did i make it but it is just a good version of the song. This video is really lame

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