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virus help!

Death Star

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I was searching for GN'R bootlegs on google, happened to find one I could download and bam! It said win32.exe now I know win32.exe is a virus/trojan and infects PC computers (had to find out the hard way). I have a Mac OS X it closed the Safari web browser before it started downloading and it just said on my desktop wim32.download I deleted the files immediatly. Now I know there are virtually little or no viruses for the Mac OS X but I was wondering. Should I be worried? Or am I actually safe?

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Haven't you made like... 8 other threads about virus infections?

But anyway, do a full scan with whatever anti-virus program you've got, I recommend Kaspersky. ;)

Yeah ur right. But I swtched from a PC to a mac so that shit would not happen. and they don't have a program for mac Kaspersky. :(

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