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I agree they are a pretty fun band and I don't mind listening to them every now and again.

There like the only pop punk band thats not gay sounding, or write about gay stuff. Some stuff is litterly gay ex. fuck a dog,grandpa but its FUNNY AS HELL. Hell im not even a punk fan really, Greenday and this band are the only punk band i like alot. (i think)

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AVA is ALRIGHT. Same for +44. Box car Racer= pretty good. But Blink182. THE BAND, i got WAY back to. I can remember when Enema of The State came out. Me and Blink go WAY fucking back so far. Whats my age again, Dammit, Shut Up, theres dozens. I CANT name a bad song.

I though Enema was too juvenile, even though I do enjoy a couple songs from it.

Take off your Pants and Jacket, though, is highly underrated by Blink fans in my opinion.

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I could never stand this band, the whole wa wa wa of their voices and theres like a million other bands that sound like em that i cant stand aswell. Their videos were funny though. Nearly every guy i went to high school with liked them or another band with a singer who sounded exactly like em, i used to say they suck all these bands sound the fukin same but sadly they never listened. There was just way better music around at that time to listen to imo.

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I've loved them since dude ranch. Fucking LOVE this band

Bah, that's because they paved the way for the shitty bands that you listen to now to become popular.

Damn straight son :shades:


How about you come back to the good-side eh?

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i love Blink182. Take off your Pants and Jacket is their best album and their live one is effin hilarious

i'd have to say my fav song is Stay Together For The Kids

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