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Ministry in Toronto


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Went to the Ministry farewell tour last night...(well,farewell tour until the 30th anniversary tour in 3 years time **cough**).

It was a bloody good time!

The first band was Hemlock.I wasn't impressed.

"everybody scream Kill Kill Kill...come on fuckers...Kill Kill Kill"

It was good for a chuckle...decent applause level though.


I'm not really a fan of the growly GRRRRRRR stuff,but these guys delivered in spades.

Great stage presence,good musicianship,very tight...almost struck me as the growling metal version of Tool.

Their fans are insane,it was like half the place was there for Meshuggah alone...very devoted intense fans,it was impressive actually.

After their set people were pouring out of the pit just fucking drenched,heading for the door to go outside to cool down.I was standing there waiting for a friend to get out of the merch line while all these kids passed by.They were screaming insanely at the top of their lungs "MESHUUUUUUUUUUGAH".

They were passing by shaking my hand (and other people too) with crazed grins on their faces and they'd just look at you and go "Meshuggah".

Quite the spectacle.

Ministry was Ministry...I've seen em before and it's always a good fucking time.I think they are still the loudest bar band I've ever heard...it's a bit ridiculous really...it would be nice to be able to make things out a little more.

The visual aspect was stunning per usual,there's no denying you get your money's worth at a live Ministry show.

Al Jourgensen was looking a bit Mick Mars-ish in his black hat and shades...he looked cool as fuck as usual.

A guy from Fear Factory was a guest singer on a couple of songs and tore things up pretty good.

The weird aspect this tour was they closed the show out with a few songs from their recent cover song cd.

They did the Doors Roadhouse Blues.

I'm still trying to figure out the ZZ Top song they did (I think it was La Grange...) :lol:

And they closed the show with a rather limp Stones cover of Under My Thumb...the crowd was largely not digging it...and I wasn't either to be honest.

It was a shame to see an intense show fizzle out.

Glad I got to see them on the supposed final tour though...it was a damn good time.If they hit your area this Summer (UK/Europe people)...I'd suggest you go..intense fun!

I managed to snag two picks off the floor! (I'll post pics in a minute)...and here's a first for me,I found a tour shirt on the floor after the gig!...saved me 30 bucks!! :tongue2:



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Before Ministry came on stage,they showed a trailer for a movie called Wicked Lake...it had a Grindhouse vibe to it.

There's a thread about the movie in Anything Goes if you want to find out more about it (especially if you are a horror/gore/Gridnhouse fan).

Just a heads up for those who don't venture into Anything Goes much...

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