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You guys gotta check this band out! It's like the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

Estranged Reality

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They actually just had a new album come out, and I heard it's fantastic, but I haven't listened to it yet. I did, however, listen to the first album. Multiple times. I can't stop listening to it, actually. It's amazing. It's kind of like The Doors, the 13th Floor Elevators, Black Rebel Motorycle Club, The Stooges, Soundgarden and Nirvana thrown into a blender. It has tons of psychedelic shit going on backed up by hard rock riffs and a wicked singer who reminds me of a cross between Jim Morrison (the moodiness and sensual style) and Johnny Rotten (the classic sneer). Really cool stuff.

Here's a song called

that has an awesome, grinding riff to it. This music video was fanmade I think and has an unnecessary intro with talking, but just ignore the first ten seconds or so and wait for the riff to kick in. And it sounds tons better blasting through a proper setup with good quality (doesn't sound nearly as good on YouTube as the CD does), so I definitely recommend maybe previewing the whole album through a better source.

Here's another song called

. Another wicked grinding riff backed up by a solid band and awesome vocalist. The way he pronounces the end of every verse is what made me immediately think of Morrison.
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He does remind me of Jim actually, especially on that second song. They aren't really my thing though, too 'droning' if you know what I mean, not saying that in a bad way either, just in a 'not my type of music' way.

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