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here's something I wrote a couple of days ago,a first attempt to write a concert review

Def Leppard, HND


Saku Suurhall, Tallinn, Estonia

The weather was horrible, but expectations were high among me and a couple of my friends for the first ever Def Leppard show in Estonia as we stepped into the home arena of BC Kalev's basketball team. At first the amount of people in the 7000 capacity arena was shockingly small, but after the opening band it was 5500 people according to the promoters, more than Bob Dylan 4000 people a week before but less than Lenny Kravitz, who managed to sell out the arena just one day before DL.The crowd as usual with this old rock bands was a mixture of youth and older fans. Now, about the bands.

I'm not a fan of big rock bands getting local bands to open, because it seems a way for the promoters to not pay any

money, because what band wouldn't want to perform in front of such a big crowd.But HND wasn't bad.They still sound like Terminaator ripoffs ,who pretty much are the Estonian version of GNR/hair metal/Bryan Adams,but the band sounded tight and energetic during their 40 minute set,playing their best known songs and a pair of covers. The crowd were saving themselves for the main event,so the singers shouting of "get your hands up" and "get your feet off the ground" mainly fell of deaf ears

The wait between HND and Def Leppard was just 20 minutes,which in contrast to saw the 90 minute wait between BFMV and Metallica was so brief that you barely had time to get a beer.But when the opening to Rocket started ,the crowd went wild.Out came a strange bunch of characters:bassist Rick Savage, looking like the Ozzy from the hair metal era and an Union Jack bass; Phil Collen ,lead guitarist and Scott Weiland's long lost older brother;Vivian Campbell,the lovechild between Kevin DuBrow and Richard Simmons;singer Joe Elliot,who has gained a few pounds since their heyday,but not fat and of course drummer Rick Allen,who besides having one of the most odd looking drum sets I have seen decided to play a lot of show if not all barefooted.

The band was tight,playing most of their old hits ,except for Foolin’ and Love Bites plus 3 songs from the new album(Nine Lives,C’mon C’mon and Bad Actress). Found it especially surprising that while I thought they would sound different live than in studio,I was wrong.Even the Hysteria songs,which were ridiculously overproduced on albums,hadn’t changed a bit.Acoustic guitars were brought out for 2 Steps Behind(which got the biggest all-female fans shriek) and Bringin' On The Heartbreak(the switch back to the electric parts in the „NO“ section was one of the highlights of the show for me).The biggest audience response was naturally for Pour Some Sugar On Me and the encore,Lets Get Rocked.And after 80-90 minutes it was over ,with a glimmer of hope in the bands words that they would return in December.

In the end I must say that this was a great rock show which showed why people fell in love with Def Leppard’s music in the first place.I can’t wait for them to return.



C’mon C’mon

Make Love Like a Man

Armageddon it

When Love & Hate Collide

Nine Lives

Bass Solo

Rock On

2 Steps Behind (acoustic)

Bringin’ On The Heartbreak




Pour Some Sugar On Me

Rock Of Ages


Bad Actress

Lets Get Rocked

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