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hmm, you seem to hate her, three times as much as i do,

:lol: ^^^ that's funny.

I totally dig No Doubt. Gwen is an awesome frontwoman. Greta voice. She's got a solo album coming out pretty soon. I think they'd be better though if they were a little mopre rock. The ska thing is old and the new 80's vibe is o.k but they should crank it up a bit and see what they can do. Also Gwen needs to let loose with her voice more like she did in the old days. Open the Gate is a good example of how she used to wail away. I like Excuse Me Mr. too

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DUDE! i love No Doubt. B) Yes, Gwen is amazing, i love her voice its so unique and shes got that cute, i kick major butt, thing going on. I think the band is so talented and i love how they mix anything they want into their music. Im mostly into the older stuff, but Rock Steady had a cool vibe to it also, and they are a band that arent afraid to expiriment. I cant wait to c how Gwen's lil solo project comes out, but i hope the band makes another album. im hopin..

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All that Gwen has going for her is the fact that she's hot? Have you ever gotten a chance to see them live? She has a great stage presence... fantastic. She fronts that band like a champ, is accessible, and is extremely down to earth. I hope that she's not weak in your mind just because her band opened for U2. <_<

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