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Just got my NIN tickets for Festival Hall


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you'll have a great time, but you may be too close to see all of the visuals clearly

They're not doing the same production on this leg. From the sound of things, they want to do something minimalistic.

ya, totally forgot about that

it's going to be "stripped down"....i'd love to see that

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The keyboardist has also left the band. Here's what JMJ had to say about it:

Q: What about a replacement for Alessandro?

A: What we came to realize is that ultimately, it was not superfluous, but something that all three of us - myself Robin (Finck) and Trent - can all cover. Because there is a lot of keyboard work in Nine Inch Nails that is all incidental and lies very much in the background and sometimes lies very much in the foreground. For those moments in the foreground, Trent thought it would be okay for him to play them. So you can expect to see him more on instruments than in the past. So basically what we're doing is, and Australia was the inspiration for it, experimenting with a very different NIN live format - more raw, more rugged a little bit more alive. It's a bit more guitaristic. With only four people onstage in terms of layout and lighting. We are going through that right now - all the possibilities on how to light it, how much more intimate it will be. It's a work in progress. We are also going to be playing songs that haven't been heard for a while, songs that have been put on the backburner due to limitations of the very high production value of the previous tour.

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The show was pretty good considering I'm not a huge NIN fan

The lighting was intense

25.02.09 - Melbourne, Australia, Festival Hall

1. Intro

2. 1,000,000

3. Letting You

4. March of the Pigs

5. The Frail

6. The Wretched

7. Wish

8. Discipline

9. Non-Entity

10. The Good Soldier

11. Gave Up

12. Head Down

13. Survivalism

14. La Mer

15. Burn

16. The Fragile

17. Suck

18. The Hand That Feeds

19. Head Like A Hole

20. Reptile

21. The Downward Spiral

22. The Beginning of the End

23. Dead Souls

24. Hurt

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