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Alright, I literally had to type all of this up. I couldn't find it on the internet anywhere and my scanner isn't hooked up, so I just had to type it. It's a really good interview with Ozzy from the January edition of Classic Rock Magazine. I saw it while I was on eBay and noticed Ozzy was on the cover, so I had to buy it.


**Ozzy had been presented with the Living Legend Award by Slash. He then went and had tea with him and pictures taken also.**

How was this evening for you?

It's been really good. I flew in from Los Angeles yesterday and I'm going back tomorrow. So it's been a bit of a whirlwind. I've been sitting with Sharon at our table and people dropped by to say hello. I don't drink anymore, so at least I'll fucking remember what happened in the morning. I started to worry a bit when it ran late because I thought everybody would be fucking mindless [by the actual ceremony].

Who have you enjoyed catching up with?

Jeff Beck and Ronnie Wood. And Jack Bruce, of course. I was with Slash in California last week and he didn't say he was gonna be here. That was odd.

On a night like this, do you think about your late guitarist Randy Rhoads?

Yeah. Oh Yeah. Seeing him up there on the screen... [his words trail off...]

Some would say that had you not met Randy when you did, we might not be having this conversation?

Yeah. That's true. It's very sad.

What went through your mind up at the podium?

I thought I had everything planned but when I got up there I couldn't think of a fucking thing to say. I was incredibly nervous. I don't really get off on things like this, to be perfectly honest.


Even so, it must be pleasing for you to be hailed as a Living Legend?

It's fucking great. Watching the collage of photographs on the screen... when I think of where I came from. My whole life was up there. I've been doing this for a lot of years. I had no idea I was going to last as long as I have. And hopefully there's more left in me. The fact that I'm alive is a fucking miracle. Anything that comes out now is extra because, by all accounts, I should've been dead 30 years ago, the lifestyle I've led. But I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't do dope. I'm quite fucking boring these days.

Do you really think you're boring, or just in comparison to how you used to be?

When I first discovered alcohol and drugs and all the wild life rock and roll will give you, it was great fun, but then it became very old very quick for me. One thing I've always maintained, I've always tried to be sober before I go on stage. There's been occasions when I haven't been. Not very many. I used to wait until after the show to get fucked up. I always had respect for the audience... saying that, sometimes I'd be hung over from the night before and been fucking crap.

One time, when asked about your success, you said: "I'm confused by it all. Am I really so special? I don't understand."

That's kind of right. I don't think I truly deserve it because I've had a lot of help from a lot of people along the way. It wasn't my idea. I was just a simple guy from Aston, Birmingham.

What is it like to be Ozzy Osbourne?

I'm always looking for the rainbow I can't find. Instead of just being me, I've got one of these alcoholic brains that thinks of the dark side of life. I can't go: "I'm going to be 60 in December, I've made a lot of people happy." I always think of the few people I haven't made happy. Like Sharon will say to me: "What the fuck's wrong with you?" We'd go to a function or something and there'd be some guy in the corner that I don't know and he's got a look on his face, and I think: "He hates me." I'll spend the evening trying to get the guy to like me. And Sharon will go to me: "What the fuck's wrong with you?" And I'll go: "That guy, he doesn't like me." And she'll go: "But the rest of them love you." But that's the way I am. It's like when I go and do a show. If I'm on stage and I can see one guy standing there looking bored, I'll do the show for him.

I'll tell you a funny story actually. It's a true, true story. It's typical of Ozzy Osbourne. I'm like the fool on the hill sometimes. I go on stage. I'm doing a show. The fucking place is pakced. There's thousands of them in there. There's a bunch of people on stage left, about six or eight of them in a block. They're just standing there [crosses arms and adopts bored pose]. I thought, fuck me, I've got to turn them on. I'm doing the show, facing them, fucking screaming, and there's sweat pumping out of my veins. My neck is swollen. In the end I lose it and turn to my assistant, Tony, I say: "Get these kids out of here. I'm going to die otherwise. Give them their money back." So he goes: "They're deaf. I go: "What? Oh my god." So then I'm trying to do instant fucking sign language. [Ozzy starts doing mock sign language and speaking very deliberately] I...am...sorry! There's like 90,000 people and there's eight fucking deaf people and I'm thinking they don't like the show [laughs]. That's typical Ozzy.

Do you sense a level of expectation when people meet you?

I've always been a clown. I like to make people happy. I like to make people have fun in life. When we did the TV thing, my son said to me: "Dad, would you prefer people to laugh at you, or with you?" I said: "You know what, Jack, as long as they're laughing, I don't give a fuck if they're laughing at me or with me, as long as they're laughing."

How do you respond to those who feel you've sold out?

Sold out to what? Sold out and being typecast are very close. I didn't go to any college or school or university to become Ozzy. I just was. A Lot of my craziness, a lot of my image, was down to alcohol and drugs. I could have carried on with the alcohol and drugs, but I have a responsibility to my family. I didn't want to die prematurely. So, what have I got to do, drink myself into oblivion? I don't know what to say to that. On one hand I know what you're saying and on the other hand, I'm confused. What do people want me to do? Do they want me to die doing what I do? I don't do drugs anymore. I don't do alcohol or smoke dope anymore. I don't know what to say to you, really. If they think I've sold out, then what more can I say that will make them think that I've not sold out. That's always bothered me. I don't go: "Oh, I can't do this TV shit. I can't do these adverts"...it's fucking work. It's what I do. I get what they're saying. Believe me, it crosses my mind a lot. Can I do that and not expect to get any flak from my following? I constantly say that to Sharon and it is a good point.

TO BE CONTINUED... (I'm getting tired.)

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