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SLASH in a documentary


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I saw Slash in a documentary over the weekend called ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL. the doc was AMAZING.

Here's the trailer first cos i'm about to gush about the movie, and it might be a bit tl;dr:

has anyone seen a screening of this yet? i saw it at SXSW (where i also got to see metallica, natch)! it was so incredible. i don't know if i'll do a good enough way of describing how good this movie was, but i'll try:

basically, it's about two childhood friends -- Robb and Lips -- from the legendary Canadian metal band Anvil (whom, i must admit, i had never heard about until my friend took me to this screening... whoops!). Anyway, they were poised to break out huge with Metallica, Anthax, Megadeth... etc. but for whatever reason, they didnt. Like, i guess the stars didn't align or something... but that didn't deter the band from going and working towards their dream of striking it BIG. So for the past 25 years, the band has continued to work hard at their goal as if no time has passed -- they give their all and have as much heart in the whole thing as a band with 19 years old who have been going at it for a year. it's ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING. i can't even describe how much i took from this movie as a person. just so much to think about with not giving up on your dreams and staying true to who you are.

the movie is genius. absolutely genius. i don't know how the heck they made such a great movie out -- with as much going on as they did... but it's really awesome. it was like a real life spinal tap. there were so many times where i was like "whaaaa?" i mean, they go to stonehenge! how meta is that?

i found out that the band is TOURING WITH THE MOVIE for something called the Anvil Experience. tourdates are here: http://www.anvilmovie.com

i also joined their facebook (http://www.facebook.com/anvil) and twitter (twitter.com/anvilmovie) incase anything else arises.

ugh, i can't believe how good this movie was.

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