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Young Loud & Snotty


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Anyone like this band? I LOVE this fuckin album, its fucking brilliant, unadulterated sleazy coarse gorgeous riffery, just everything a perfect rock n roll album should be, its up there with the best of em i think...Sonic Reducer is one of the best openings i've ever heard...the guitar work is so dense, its so fucking full on all the way through and well paced..sorta like Chuck Berry...music that sounds like its dying to be played fast but it sounds so lush at the proper pace.

I get a little flak for going overboard in my praise so i'm gonna not gush this time. So...any fans? :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmVCdPe2_Ao (Sonic Reducer live)

this should be a fuckin anthem i think... Edited by dirtylenny
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Saw them live in the 80's at the Ritz in N.Y.C.

Fucking brilliant gig.

Stiv Bators...great front man!

Got lousy pictures from the gig around here somewhere.

I have both albums on vinyl,I've had em since they came out.

Love them both and still play them a lot.

I also bought the cd releases when they came out.

Lenny...you should hunt down the demos cd called Younger Louder and Snottier.

It's fuckin raw man....great shit.

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