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CD Burning Problems

Black Sabbath

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Well, I have 3 programs on my computer that can burn CDs, and absolutely none of them will work.

iTunes always comes out with some stupid ass 'Unknown Error 4280' while Windows Media Player and Nero Express get more unknown errors. :rolleyes:

So basically, my question is, what are some good CD burning programs that I can download quick and for free.

Also, about the iTunes thing, does anyone know how to set iTunes back to a certain update? Because I think I read online that the error I keep getting is because of a certain recent update.

Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

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You can try dbpoweramp. I think their CD burning program costs money but has a free trial period. www.dbpoweramp.com

But considering that three different programs are giving you errors, I am thinking there is some underlying reason (maybe with your drive or something like that).

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