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Ulrich Schnauss


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Hey everyone.


I just wanted to throw this quickly at you,

Recently I went through the two latest Schnauss albums. And I have to say, they are extremely unique and wonderful. Most of you probably know this guy just because he got into fisticuffs with GNR since they sampled his work. But I had come into contact with his music before that, because im into the whole "shoegazing" thing, ie. blurry, pretty, delicate sad guitar music. doesnt make a lot of sense but ummm... His stuff isn't like anyone elses Ive gone through, and its a real treat for those of you who can appreciate richly textured and arranged music in a very dense yet soft kind of mix. I recommend avoiding youtubing his stuff, more simple music doesnt suffer like his stuff does if you rape it through youtube quality. And yeah, listen through a good sound system for a real treat. and get high before you do.

Ulrich Schnauss may not be all that masculine or aggresive but at what he does I dont know many people who could compare or compete in his ballpark. magnificient music... :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Yeah, my friend recommended him to me a couple years ago. When I first heard "Riad," I recognized the sample at the beginning, but couldn't place it. Then when he took GN'R to court I realized where I knew it from.

He's definitely very good -- and consistent.

You should check out a guy named Hauschka if you haven't yet, btw. If you like Schnauss, you'll like him.

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