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Hollywood Gunner

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dude... 6 guards grabbed me as soon as the show started and carried me out... right between CD and Jungle... i was dancing with my girl (floor level, right in front of the mixer) and bam, outta nowhere, they picked me up n shot me out on my face, without explanation... worst thing is, my girl woke up in the hospital and doesnt remember a damn thing... plus those a-holes took my wallet... i called the head of security the next day and he had no info on me, that everyone that was ejected was thrown out for "alcohol purposes"... said my story was impossible cuz all the security guys were police tech students... yeah right... more reason to doubt em... anyone see anything fishy ? any info would be very very helpfull... was thinkin of pressing charges but i wonder which side the cops are gonna take lol i have pics of the bruises they left me, but if anyone caught anything on cam, id really appreciate a reply, either by pm or a reply on this topic, thx... not only did they steal my money, ID and probably did something to my girl, but i missed the show of a lifetime... one thats been 17 years in the making :( buncha douchebags ! GET IN THE RING :fuckyou:

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