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  1. they played HS on local rock radio here in Montreal right around rush hour today... was fuckin stoked to hear that happen
  2. wasnt able to access this site so figured surely something cool happened... found the set list somewhere else and saw it was the same with one new cover (surprise) and when i finally get to log on.. this lol fan f'n tastic just set up a permanent greatest hits residency in vegas or call it quits already
  3. ummmm didnt axl go to disneyland with buckethead? i mean im pretty sure we all know axl is batshit crazy so he may have been really good friends with dj and i agree there did seem to be some chemistry, but theres a lot more to good music than just chemistry 🤷‍♂️
  4. yeah i dont think id go if it was 50% capacity or some shit... not to mention how crazy expensive the tickets would be... i mean, one of the reasons i pay the stupid prices they charge already is the crowd energy of a live show... i would not pay 500$ to sit there and happily clap along
  5. given up on the band? no. given up on new music ? yes. if new music happens then great, but im not expecting it... and if it does happen im not expecting anything spectacular... at this point i see the band more or less like led zep or pink floyd, except theres a small chance i may get to see them live a few more times
  6. theres nothing more cringeworthy than the thought of a socially distanced moshpit... if you cant do it right, dont do it at all
  7. white christmas but the whole song is about cocaine
  8. anyone looking to score a ps5 in canada check out this discord https://discord.gg/9jUd5Y6y will prob help
  9. not really into rpgs but my buddy is getting it and we gameshare so... ill probably give it a try but im waiting for the ps5 version as it only releases for next gen in a few months i beleive... dont wanna ruin the experience by playing the ps4 version first lol
  10. assassins creed valhalla on ps5... not my kinda game but needed something "next gen"... already getting a bit bored of it tbh
  11. just picked up a switch on black friday... i got a ps5 with valhalla on nov. 12th and was frustrated by the lack of games so i went out and got the switch with mario kart deluxe, super marios bros u deluxe, mario odyssey and breath of the wild lol should hold me over until theres a few decent games for ps5... hopefully
  12. yeah ive heard about the violence at small shows but im always up for a good mosh pit.. what got me thinking those fuckers were nutts though was when i saw people drinking motor oil for motorhead tickets lol
  13. im canadian eh ?! but i guess its only fair since americans think we live in igloos lol all new pyro and video show.. same set list lol
  14. so ive heard... i have a few friends from high school that moved there actually and i love nature but im not a big fan of creepy crawly things ive never seen before lol i mean even the friggin crocodile hunter got got down there lol but yeah its been put on my bucket list now... heard these fuckers down there can really rock out too 🤘
  15. would still rather be punched in the nutts by a kangaroo than watch ashba do the hogan ears one more time tho lol
  16. wishful thinking but they just wished fortus happy bday.. not farewell lol
  17. ive never felt compelled to go to Australia until now... the withdrawal im having from not attending live shows far outweighs any fear i may have of being eaten by wildlife lol
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