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Recorded some samples of my new Les Paul

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I thought you said you had a silverburst Les Paul before, unless you mean to say you've never had a Gibson Les Paul?

You must be mistaken :)

That wasn't me ! This is the first Les Paul I've ever owned.

EDIT : no, now I remember.

I said that I would have to choose between a silverburst and the Buckethead signature now that Gibson was making it.

The silverburst was just the one Les Paul I was in love with at the time and wanted to buy.

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Well, it's simple : I went to my guitar shop and tried several Les Paul and this is the one I liked the most.

It was really expensive but well worth it ( thinner body, curved neck joint, split coils, and Floyd Rose ) and the Buckethead model wasn't available at the time ( and I think it isn't available in France to this day either ).

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