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"Cokie the Clown" set goes horribly awry at SXSW

Estranged Reality

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The piss thing is definitely real - they recorded him doing it and walking onto the stage without cutting.

The really messed up part (beyond serving it to people) is that he took five shots himself... dude's sick in the head. I don't follow this kind of music (I saw this article pop up on another site), so I'm not familiar with this guy's history, but he sounds like the lamest person ever.

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Why would any sane person pay to experience something like that? He sounds like a retard. In the comments there was talk of getting people to talk about the serious issues such as rape and suicide. I still think it's stupid.

It was probably just a bunch of idiots trying to seem hip to forget about what pukeasses they are...I mean it was South By Southwest.

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NOFX is boring as shit but that was pretty cool! I totally understand the piss thing. Fat Mike must be bored to death of his fans. Can't blame him..

Btw, the link doesn't work.. I read from here: http://punkmusic.about.com/b/2010/03/22/sxsw-2010-artist-spotlight-cokie-the-clown.htm

If the original story was a lot different let me know, ok!

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