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IF there was a re-release..


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Rick's thread got me thinking and i know this is probably a "dreamer" thread, but hey we need some good discussion amidst all the concert and twitter talk. If the album was re-released, what are your ideas for what GnR/label could do to make it successful? Here are some of mine(yeh i've thought about it a bit, i have alot of time on my hands):

Bonus tracks. This is a biggie, because if we are gonna pay for the record again, we want new music. Eminem, Rhiana and Gaga did this and even made music videos out of the new tracks. The General music video anyone?

Music videos. No live cut-up footage, no one likes that stuff. Make a proper video for Better(ala November Rain, Estranged, etc). Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance has like 140 million views on youtube, which proves music videos are more important than ever.

Alternate covers. We know there are 2 other covers in addition to the one we have now. This coupled with the real booklet/artwork would complete the physical package.

A proper televised Axl interview with 60 minutes or a serious program, like the Bob Dylan one back in 2004. Asking where he has been, the ups and downs, where he is going etc.

Making of Chinese Democracy. The album was shrouded(and still is) in mystery. If there is footage of the making of it, put it out with the CD as a pack-in. Metallica did this with Death Magnetic and charged more for it but the fans ate it up, not to mention the Chidem one would be much more interesting.

A DVD/blueray release of one of the 2010 concerts with multi-view options. The band is in top form, let it be seen!

Proper website with band info, updates, bios, equipment info, tour dates, occasional band member chats. Check out Megadeth(sans the sponsorship spam), Metallica, NIN's websites, thats what Guns site should be like.

Song by song descriptions by the main contributors. What the lyrics are about, what the song is about, how it came together, how the solo came to fruition, make like the Estranged one back in the day.

A huge relaunch. Get the band on a music award show and KILL it with the performance. Do a WTTJ, Better, TIL, Paradise city mash up. The band is in TOP form, show it to a huge audience. Advertise on the net, in New York, on youtube, on facebook etc.

These are some of my ideas. Add in your own if you have any. I know most of this stuff probably won't happen but its interesting enough to talk about.

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Music videos: they a must, they'll not only get tons of views on Youtube but they'll no doubt get viewings on Kerrang, Scuzz etc.

Bonus Tracks: Not too sure about new bonus tracks seeing as how some of the tracks that weren't on CD are going to be on the next album and Bach said that Axl had tons of material (if those albums ever see the light of day of course...) Although as I said in the other thread something like Deep Purple did with their last album would be cool which was some live tracks and some alternate versions and one new song. Seeing as how many people want to hear some of Bucket's solos that weren't included not to mention Brian May's solo. I'd also say add some rerecordings of old songs for good measure.

Alternate covers: this was meant to happen wasn't it? Not too sure about alternate covers as only a handful of people would buy all of them. I'd say better artwork though, I quite like the simplicity of the album cover but some of the official artwork on recent posters etc. is stunning and would make a better album cover.

Axl interview: 60 minutes with Axl would be awsome but I also think he or other band members should appear on radio/TV chatshows around the world when they are touring.

Making of Chinese Democracy: As controversial as it was I'd like a movie similar to Some Kind Of Monster. Metallica had a hard time making St. Anger and Guns certainly had a hard time making CD.

DVD/BluRay: Great idea, could be bundled in with the CD or sold separately.

Proper website: A must, afterall that online shop has been coming soon for ages! Tour dates could also do with updating.

Huge relaunch: This is the main thing that GN'R needs. Like what was happening around '02 with the VMA's. I think if CD had been released in '02 it would have been a far bigger success as there was more hype at the time.

Free CD in newspapers: Prince did this and all the added exposure did him a world of good. I wouldn't suggest giving away Chinese I'd think similar to what KISS were thinking of doing over here in the UK which was releasing a greatest hits CD via newspaper (or it could always be Appetite for Guns) but recorded/rerecorded by the current lineup. It would also be an idea to have a picture of the whole band together on the front cover. This would show the general public how good the new lineup is and who they are. Most people only know Axl is in GN'R and couldn't name the other members.

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Who cares about sales and promotion I just want more new music. For some reason it's become taboo to say you want new music on this forum... People think axl is reading every post and they hope they can get on his good side by saying 'we got cd let's focus on that.' fuck that cd was great so great in fact I want more. I waited 15 years exactly for a new studio album. Worth the wait? No nothing is worth 15 years of waiting but I can say cd might be the best gnr album ever.. I remember buying the sympathy for the devil single when it was released in December of 94 and I bought the terrible end of days soundtrack in 99 just to have the gnr song. I downloaded leaks and all the shitty quality demos and love them all. But I want new music. When axl said there's a new song similar to black sabbath I creamed my pants. If we got anything as hard as sweet leaf with axl vocals I'd be in heaven

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