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Hey y'all. Hoping someone could help, I remember seeing a music video years ago (on MTV2 or Kerrang!), the band was playing in a barn house or something and there were loads of bees or flies swarming round it. For some reason I thought Taylor Hawkin from the Foo Fighters was the drummer for the band, but I can't find any info on any side projects he had. Anyone remember this?

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Hey I'm going to take advantage of this thread to ask about another video.

Late 80's there was a metal video...can't remember the band or the song.

What I do remember is..they kinda mock GnR at the beginning...the setup is similar to Sweet Child.

The guitarist is wearing a top hat and he's plugging in his guitar like Slash does in the video.

Another band member walks up and slaps the hat off of his head,kinda like..."take that stupid fuckin thing off" sorta slap.

Then they break into the song.

Anyone remember what video that was??

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