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so axl


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Commented on my twitter today! I was stoked :)

gunsnroses @axl97424 all day all night

about 5 hours ago via web in reply to axl97424

Reply Retweet axl97424 @gunsnroses Thats tuff!!! Can I have both?

about 5 hours ago via web in reply to gunsnroses

Delete gunsnroses Harley Davidson "Better" http://bit.ly/bdehd7 or "Paradise City" http://bit.ly/bjnylM (via @GrindSome) who likes which ad?

about 5 hours ago via web

Reply Retweet gunsnroses "Better" http://bit.ly/bdehd7 or "Paradise City" http://bit.ly/bjnylM (via @GrindSome

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I don't use twitter so I find it hard to follow these twitter conversations and know who's communicating with who (it might also be complicated by the extra bits added like the "reply", "retweet", "delete" bits everywhere as well as the number of @'s all over the place. :(

Ah thank you ! i dont feel so dumb anymore ...because i dont understand that well either :lol: though i have a twitter account i never use it .

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