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  1. Really? You give me some hope. I barely recognize the country I grew up in. I fear one more trumpian president and it will slide past a dangerous point. But maybe I'm wrong and the pendulum is just swinging to the extreme before it starts swinging back again.
  2. 2022 will raise the biggest challenge for Biden. If the Rs take the House and the Senate, and it looks like they will, the clown show we see today with the trump party will be the clown show on steroids, and they will take any excuse for impeachment of Biden and/or Harris. I say they will likely take control of both houses of Congress because of the voting changes, not because they have better platforms. they are really even trying that approach anymore.
  3. You mean the phase 2 part? Yes, that was supposed to happen. but the talks fell apart, partly because phase 1, the "deal", did not include the Afghans, which understandably didn't sit well with them. I wonder if this is not why the Taliban just walked in and took control of everything. Plus, of course, the fact that the military sat down. I did read of frustrated soldiers that wanted to fight, were ready to fight, and were told by their superiors to surrender. Makes me think, like you said, it's all about the money. And a few people got it all. Biden did the right thing. I hope he gets it done by 9/11 so it meets the target he set. There was no way trumpets weren't going to make it look like a failure regardless of how it went down anyway.
  4. But that's my point. The deal was made, shady as it was without Afghanistan at the table. A "phase 2" of the deal (as reported by AP) was that there would be negotiated sharing of power. But if that was going to happen, the Taliban would not have taken all power immediately. That's the part where they were not acting in good faith. Agree with you though, The US just needs to get US citizens and their Afghanistan allies out and be done with it. Other ally countries should get out as well. I do worry about what happens to women and girls now, especially since they have had a taste of more freedoms. Breaks my heart. But not sure what other countrys' role would be in changing that at this point.
  5. There have been reports of Taliban control and seizing allies of the US. There does seem to be a bit of a settling now, but it did appear the Taliban aggressively took control of the country. I don't think they have broken the deal but the deal was weak and didn't ask for enough concessions to protect Afghan people. They didn't break the deal, but I do think they acted in bad faith. I believe a phase 2 was supposed to define a shared power structure between the Taliban and Afghan government. They took power pretty fast so that phase will not materialize.
  6. Yeah, I actually got to patio with vaxed friends a couple of times and now it feels like we're taking a step back. But for the most part, i still run in the morning without a mask, Zoom all day long and mask up when i go shopping. 18 months now. It's not even a new normal anymore. Just normal.
  7. It is interesting how often I read today that this will define Biden's presidency. Trump's exit from Syria was seen in a similar way and he was slammed for abandoning the Kurds. But it certainly is not what defined his presidency.
  8. Trump's February 2020 announcement of the "deal" with the Taliban should have started the plan for excavation of allies and US citizens. But they didn't do that. Because they, too, believed that there was no need. Under Trump, thousands of US military were brought home leaving 2,500. And 5,000 extra Taliban were added after they negotiated for release. Trump even said that the Taliban was now preparing to fight the terrorists. I believe that the Trump admin saw it the way the Biden admin did. That the Taliban was acting in good faith, and would honor the "deal". It is a Trump/Biden fiasco that they believed the Taliban to be allies.
  9. See this is where I wonder what is really going on. Trump's "ploy" included reducing the number of military to 2,500 leaving the opportunity for the Taliban to strengthen and organizing, including the 5,000 fighters that were released? And I read a article about an Afghan soldier on the Daily Beast that seemed odd. "On Saturday night, he says he and his contingent were told by their superiors to surrender. “We did, we had a plan to fight for a while but no one asked us for fight. This is the most ridiculous moment of my life.” The soldiers thought they were going to fight. This and all the praise trump gave the Taliban makes me wonder.
  10. So they tell me, "Take AstraZeneca" as soon as you can. So I do. then they tell us (next day) shouldn't take AZ. then they say wait 12 weeks for second shot. Then they say no, wait 16 weeks. Oh no, wait 8 weeks. Then they say don't take a second shot of AZ, take an mRNA, so I get Moderna. Now I hear AZ will not be recognized by a bunch of countries if it's the one from India, and mixing vaccines will not be recognized by a bunch of countries. I just wish a bit more thought for overal implications would have happened before recommendations were made. All I want to do is get back to Miami this winter.
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