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Guns N Roses are starting to sound like Guns N Roses


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Guns N' Roses are unsurprisingly - Guns N' Roses.

So it isn't really an issue.

come on, it's BEEN an issue.

Not every lineup Axl's put together since 99 has been a winner. Which is why the addition of DJ in place of Robin has been such a welcome change.

Oh fella, you know I like that performance for nostalgia value!

Perhaps this is the most "band-like" of the recent incarnations, but it's still the same awesome band.

Well, I guess SunnyDRE can't manage more than childish comebacks.

Nice to see someone posting actual useful comments in here! Anyhow... I half agree. I liked Robin well enough but his live playing was always the sore spot for me. Bucket was cool even if the image didn't gel, the rest of the band was tight and Robin certainly was fine on the album, but live... I've seen him live with NIN and GN'R and he was better suited to NIN.

This line-up is definitely the most "band-like" in that, they really seem like an established band now. I guess the core members - Axl, Dizzy, Tommy, Chris, Richard - all being there for eight to ten years now minimum has something to do with that. But DJ's live playing, Ron's interaction with the fans, the band hanging out together, more communication, awesome shows... I loved the shows I saw in 02 and 06 but 2010 has been the best year for this band when it comes to touring.

ahaha. I didn't mind Robin being sloppy so much, as he really bucked up for 2006. And, he was a cool guy. Plus, his backing vocals were top. I'm a massive Buckethead fan outside of Gn'R, although I do agree he wasn't exactly a tight fit!

Given that a lot of the "new" members have been there longer than Slash etc. doesn't really add a lot personally, aside from their own longetivity and kudos from fans for wanting to follow through a project. Watching them on stage only solidifies how much fun they are having and enjoying it.

Perhaps the best Guns analogy would be that of a football team - a lot of the players change, but it's still the same team.

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