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Ex GN'R Bassist Duff McKagan joins GN'R on stage in London 02 Arena!


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DATE: October 14th, 2010

TITLE: Ex Gunner Duff McKagan Joins GN'R on stage in London!


Ex Guns N' Roses Bassist Duff McKagan joined the band tonight in London at the 02 Arena and played the following songs together:

You Could Be Mine (Bass)

Nice Boys (Bass)

Knockin On' Heaven's Door (Guitar)

Patience (Tambourine) then Duff and Bumble swap instruments...

The following tweets came out from the Guns camp just before this happened, here are the tweets in order from Guns N' Roses and Sebastian bach's Official twitter:

Guns Twitter: Ok O2...What do say we do this party thing 1 more time tonight!

Guns Twitter: Feeling fine tonight. Might have to tweet it up a notch tonight.

Sebastian Bach Twitter: Some serious shit is about to go down !!!! Get fucking ready to have your mind blown London England !!!!! @gunsnroses

Guns twitter: Maybe we can tweet along KOHD or something BIGGER to break twitter or something. #nowplaying BETTER

Guns Twitter: Ok but first mr @dizzyreed will get Street of Dreams rolling

Sebastian Bach Twitter: Duff McKagan reunites with @gunsnroses !!! @axlrose @duff64 !!!!!!!!!!! http://fb.me/I6y3vMrp

Guns Twitter: Got a bit distracted there with Mr Duff 'Rose' McKagan playing bass on You Could Be Mine!

Guns Twitter: Yes! Its true. Duff McKagan aka @duffmckagan64 reunites with @gunsnroses !!! @axlrose !!!!!! http://fb.me/I6y3vMrp via @sebastianbach

SOURCE: Jarmo and http://twitter.com/sebastianbach / http://twitter.com/gunsnroses / http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/51942/220596

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