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Who would you rather have back... Bucket or Slash?


Who'd you rather have back?  

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cuz its nugnr, no one wants slash to be in that tarnished dump. If its was the old material it would be slash all the way

Speak for yourself, I wouldn't mind to see Slash in that tarnished dump, wouldn't bother me. No, in fact I would love that!

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Guest Len B'stard


I think, with Bumble, Axls struck a bit of a balance, Bumbles like somewhere between Bucket and Slash and it's perfect, he's more rock n roll than bucket and more speccy-techey space ace star wars fan than Slash so perfect. It's kinda retaining the ability to put a decent solo to a nice bluesy rock n roll songs and staying out there enough and retaining a wide enough pallette in case Axl ever comes into the studio with a fuckin gameboy and a zelda game going like "i'm looking for THAT sound".

Slash is the better guitarists out of the fuckin lot of em though.

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