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Bumble is hurt, who´s Axl gonna call?

Guest siliconmessiah

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Guest siliconmessiah

"Scheduled to present an award at the Hoboken Film Festival tomorrow, not able to do it. :( Brain & neck MRIs booked for next Tuesday..."


Sadly, Bumblefoot´s accident the other day seemed to be more severe than first thought =/. I have a close friend that got in an accident, and it took a loong while and a lot of rehab, building muscles to get him back on track. About two years actually, and he still needs neck-massage now and then.

Now, in less than six months, Guns N´ Roses are scheduled to go on stage @ Rock In Rio, and many would believe that a cancellation would be the final whistle for this band.

So, if Bumble needs rehab instead of playing Rock In Rio. What would be the best solution?

I think that the best solution would be calling in Buckethead. Easily the best alternative!

With this said. I also wish for Bumblefoots hasty recovery!

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