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Guest Len B'stard

I am absolutely sick to my back teeth of these fuckin kids getting into music. Honestly, it's not fucking worth listening to music anymore, mainstream stuff, it literally is all kids, i'm a fucking 28 year old man, what do i give a fuck about Justin Beiber and Selena something and fucking P's little nuts, ugh.

It's like...a family gathering where some mental fucking upwardly mobile parent thinks their kid is like...inordinarily talented and has em up in front of the whole family doing some fuckin schtick and everyone goes "wooowww, you must be so proud" when really they're bored to tears and the kids looks like a fuckin mong.

I don't wanna watch no fuckin childrens fuckin talent contest, fuck that. I want someone that can fuckin speak to me, a 28 yr old man about shit that is relevant to today and here and now, i don't wanna see the fucking down syndrome kids of the rich prancing about making fucking fools of themselves and any kid misfortunate enough to grow up in that day and time.

Honestly, it's like watching the fucking Spastics Society Nativity Play :rolleyes: Little children should be seen and not heard...so give em a slap, send em to bed and get them the fuck away from my stereo speakers and tv...not that they're ever on mine, the little cunts, i don't watch TV or have cable and i don't listen to the radio but fuck, i'm still aware of em so i must be getting this shit from somewhere.

I'm in the process of educating my little niece about The Ramones, so she doesn't grow up being a Justin Beiber fan because if she is, i will have her killed :lol: "these guys have the same names as Oggy and the Cockroaches, Uncle!"

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