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  1. It probably would've sold decently on the back of the GNR name, plus the curiosity of wanting to see what the hell Axl was doing. But I think critically it would've been mostly written off as an aging rocker trying to copy the new trends of the day instead of following a more unique vision, even though it seems like his love of that style of music came from a really genuine place - that wouldn't matter to the reviewers. I really do wish we would've gotten that version of CD and maybe another record of more experimental nu-Guns stuff, I really think Axl was onto something with trying to massive
  2. Now that the year is all said and done, what were everyone's favorite releases of 2020? I personally listened to more new releases than I ever have before, partly thanks to lockdown and partly thanks to Kingdom Leaks (which as of tonight is no more). Here's my top 15: 15. Oneohtrix Point Never - Magic OPN 14. Beabadoobee - Fake It Flowers 13. IDLES - Ultra Mono 12. Hum - Inlet 11. The Fall of Troy - Mukiltearth 10. Loathe - I Let It In and It Took Everything 9. Touche Amore - Lament 8. End - Splinters from an Ever-changing Face 7. Mac Miller - Circles 6. Protest the Hero -
  3. Oh damn, who knew there'd be a site like that, haha. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. So, I haven't listened to any Bucket in years...if someone had to pick 2 or 3 Pikes that are the best of the best for me to dive into, what might they be? Given how many there are that's probably not an easy ask, so whatever happens to come to mind first is fine.
  5. Woof. After what, 8 singles already? I can definitely write this one off, this is musical Xanax.
  6. I keep hoping and praying that Billy puts something good out again. I followed the pre-reunion years fairly closely and both Zeitgeist and Oceania have some solid tunes, but they're not great albums. So then I hoped James and Jimmy coming back might light a fire under Billy's ass and really get something great out of him again...and instead we're getting boneless synthpop that's not far from the stuff he was trying to do ten years ago with the Teargarden crap. Billy hasn't really evolved his style at all in a decade and it absolutely fucking baffles me that this band has three guitarists and o
  7. If you would've told me in 2006 that one day Slash would be saying the same things about new music as Bumblefoot and Fortus used to, I'd probably have an aneurysm.
  8. Nothing. This band is long past the point of doing anything but the occasional tour, and they're either not savvy enough or willing enough to embrace things like an active and open social media presence or unique online events during the Covid era. I'd say we might get ONE brand new song from the band before they eventually call it quits, but I don't see them ever going into a studio to bang out a full length album.
  9. I mean, dude is part of one genuinely amazing front to back album (Appetite), a mixed bag of great songs and filler (UYI I & II), a shitty cover album, and what amounts to a solo album that took 14 years to make and that a LOT of people hated. The prime of his career was what, four years long? Axl is the reason I'm a lifelong fan of rock and music in general, but let's be honest, the dude flamed out hard and wasted the majority of his career doing fuck all.
  10. Two weeks after it dropped and I'm still listening to Run the Jewels 4 almost daily. Shit SLAPS and the lyrics are pretty powerful and timely.
  11. CD was the first vinyl I ever bought as a teenager, but man it's such a garbage pressing. Very staticy and starts getting really bad towards the end of each side. The mix itself sounded like it was solid but it was hard to get through in light of the noisyness of it all.
  12. It's easy as fuck to release music these days as long as the artist actually wants to. Hell, you don't even need promotion, you can literally drop an album the same day as a surprise and let it build its own buzz (you know, as long as its actually good). You know that would be HUGE news if a band the size of GNR just surprise released something, and it would work better for them too since no one would have time to build any expectations.
  13. The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas Ringo Deathstarr - Self-Titled
  14. The thing that interests me the most about this is the Hair Metal Justin Timberlake on the cover.
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