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  1. He sends recorded farts, so Axl can let a audio engineer polish them up for 13 years to sound better.
  2. A live concert with the original 5 members, maybe with Sorum added for the UYI songs (sans Civil War).
  3. Hopefully a quick test can be done at home, so a vaccine is not necessary. I'm still sceptical about letting myself be injected with a vaccine that has not seen long term results.
  4. Somewhere along the line the folders will or have already merge(d) and become the SKMC folder.
  5. At least it's another excuse as to why new music cannot be released by this band.
  6. Is it time to stop asking/promoting fans to buy a plethora of merchandise products? No? Then it's fair for fans to ask a group of musicians to actually release some music.
  7. Ordered a colored vinyl in Europe, but it does not state on the packaging that it contains the colored variant (normally a sticker). Any way I can find out without having to open the packaging? Anybody have confirmation that the variant came with a sticker and I was sent the wrong one? I bought the vinyl strictly for display purposes.
  8. I'll enquire if anybody wants to tag along. If not, I'll go solo.
  9. Sure: Guns N' Roses blu-ray (release date soon). Soon is all you need to know in GNR-land.
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