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  1. I wasn't referring to Slash or Guns. I was referring to Gibson's price schemes. As per example: https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Custom/Slash-Double-Neck-SG-Electric-Guitar.gc
  2. Wooden box set made in the custom shop, hand signed and numbered by Slash. Your's to own for $8.999.
  3. With headphones on, sitting on a stool in a garden. Not very GN'R music video to be honest.
  4. Even though I live in Europe and there's a travel ban, seeing what they did for the 30 years shows (Jason!!!), I had to enter for this. I'm a legacy member, so wait and see. Hoping coving doesn't ruin everything... Funny that for quite a long periode my interest in Metallica had faded away, but it's came back pretty good since I went to the S&M2 show. Can't say the same for GN'R though, haven't bothered to purchase a ticket.
  5. How many managers has Axl fired? PLENTY! Axl does not need a manager with an opinion and goals. He needs handlers to say "yes sir": Team Brazil. If Team Brazil did not handle as Axl wanted, it would be done with. So this behaviour is what Axl wants and expects.
  6. You could say you sound like a spouse that's fully accepted to being treated like a worthless piece of crap (maybe even started enjoying it too) that's only good enough to provide the spouse with more money. But hey, opinions are like assholes. I wish I was content enough to be happy with new products like toy trucks instead of new music. Would have made it easier to be a fan of Guns N' Roses as it now stands. To add to this post: I pre-ordered The Black Album box set. Very fair price for very well put together (unreleased) content. How much was that AFD box set again? Hahahah
  7. "You will get nothing and be happy" - Guns N' Roses (The Great Release)
  8. They are a band of musicians, as they play music. As Guns N' Roses, they are no longer artists, as they don't create music.
  9. Oh, I don't know. Maybe like every other band/artist/musician in the history of this planet does? Write, record, release?
  10. I don't really see one reason to not wish him peace of mind. He's not Adolf Hitler. However, if he suffers through putting himself through a whole bunch of live concerts (for monetary reasons), I think it's not unreasonable as a fan to wish him to release new music. I'm purely guessing he feels the need for every song to be perfect, otherwise he'll be judged horribly by the world. However, I'd say that 99.9% of all bands out there have released horrible songs, even go so far as to say they have released horrible albums (hello St. Anger). A few gold nuggets on an album, even just two,
  11. 5 years ago it was a dream come true for me. But like a the start of a relationship, being happy and in love, it can turn sour, needing your partner to change certain things. That is the feeling that I've come to: GNR needs to do something else than provide the same show that is has been doing for five years.
  12. It's in the Stadspark. 50.000 people. I'm not going to purchase any tickets anymore, unless there is a nice surprise (new album, new songs, godlike Axl performance). So, will wait and see until the tour begins.
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