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  1. They're ok my end. Has it resolved itself for you yet @Padme?
  2. Are you able to PM me a screenshot (or post in here) please?
  3. This is cool; NGL though - I was hoping for a full album of Planetary Lockdown / Cintaku.
  4. Welcome to the retirement club @RussTCB!
  5. I get the sense that is what's happening. This band / management team always seems to be starting from square one - so any time there is an idea, it seems to be a lot of work to get off the ground and into reality. To me, this would be very easy for a larger team with more contacts / knowledge of how to get from A to B in this area. TB may still deliver, but it will inevitably take a long time. They clearly know how to organise and run a smooth touring operation. But TB don't seem to have the structure / contacts / organisation in place to make ad-hoc releases like this a sea
  6. Come back. We all miss you.

    1. downzy


      Never was there a finer member.  

  7. I really wonder if 80's Axl could hit the notes on songs like Shoot To Thrill. I agree he'd have absolutely dominated the Bon material, but the way he sang back in the 80's was a lot more taxing than the raspy falsetto of today up the higher end. I don't think he could have done Hells Bells, Shoot To Thrill, Thunderstruck, For Those About To Rock, etc with his old style of singing. Despite what it sounds like, Brian himself recorded those tracks with a similar shrieking falsetto to what Axl uses today. I've always believed that's why he was so good at the Brian stuff from day 1 with
  8. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but my sense is that the numbers wouldn't stack up in terms of demand. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/08/the-death-of-the-dvd-why-sales-dropped-more-than-86percent-in-13-years.html I imagine concert DVD sales have fared better but I couldn't find anything in my 5 minutes of Googling. Is that fair? I don't know that releasing a concert DVD from 2016 is necessarily the obvious thing to do in 2020...
  9. The Led Zeppelin DVD came out for a few reasons: - LZ did not play any other shows - no opportunity for a DVD from a later date - No other opportunity to see them live - 20 million people registered for tickets for that show (including half this forum at the time!) - There was huge buzz about the show itself that continued years later. There was massive demand for the release. You can't really say the same for a GN'R gig from 2016. I love your enthusiasm but I don't think it's a realistic comparison.
  10. A few hundred feet, yeah. Fairly sure they all use analog systems for IEM feeds, so they would be fairly trivial to tap into (no encryption). They will all work within a particular frequency range; conceptually it's not much different to tuning your car stereo into an FM radio station.
  11. The Ruby Rabbit on Oxford Street. It closed a long time ago. Google "ruby rabbit de nom room" if you want to see some pics of what it was like. Absolutely mental.
  12. Ha, wow! Some (but not all?) of those pics are from the show afterparty in Sydney... I recognise the club because I was there!
  13. I disagree, they have a track record of literally picking up any rumour and running with it. They love doing this. They may be a prominent station, but they are not a reliable source for confirmed plans. https://www.triplem.com.au/story/ac-dc-may-be-getting-ready-to-announce-a-world-tour-142848 - "Rumours are spreading that the tour will be announced next week, with Brian Johnson returning to front the band." - July 2019 Tour was not announced. https://www.triplem.com.au/story/new-music-from-guns-n-roses-and-ac-dc-tour-news-from-queen-and-birds-of-tokyo-and-more-135707 - "
  14. Dived into the world of Usenet last night to grab Saskatoon. @FRANSAD, this is my first experience with one of your releases and I am honestly blown away. Amazing work, I can't wait to watch the whole show after work!!
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