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  1. Outside of Cape Town, Jo'burg and Cairo where have any other world tours gone within the African continent? I'm no expert but consider they would need to fly in all the gear themselves (what could you get locally?) in a market that has few large promoters of rock shows, with next to no indoor venues that could host the GN'R production, etc. I'm sure all that means it's logistically impossible at this point in time.
  2. @missilehead and @facefirst appear to be different users, in different countries. It's not too difficult to tell when someone is using a proxy / VPN and this doesn't look to be the case here.
  3. Thanks for noticing that @Ratam, it looks like a problem with the theme. It will be sorted over the coming days.
  4. How absurd. Thought I was well and truly done after Hershey but I have to say I've never enjoyed a song I hated quite so much.
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