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  1. Yep, I'm in this camp. The entirety of the above applies to me. I've grown to hate Mists of Time less with more listens (Brian's comments around it were also pretty endearing) but it's the worst track on the album for me, save for the solo. No surprises from me on the other two tracks either. Bubblegum-AC/DC isn't for me. To your question, I couldn't answer track by track but it would probably look something like 7-8 tracks from Power Up, 3-4 from ROB and 1 from Black Ice. I don't really understand the hype for Black Ice. I thought ROB was a much better listen overall; to the point, en
  3. Not sure I can add much at 17 pages, but this album fucking bangs! - I liked SITD when it dropped but the album as a whole is much, much better than I anticipated. - Brian literally sounds like a man back from the dead. Go figure. What a howl to open up proceedings - There are moments that remind me of their whole catalogue (sort of.... all the best bits) - It's a top 5 Brian album for me - The first 3, back 3 and Witches Brew are my favourite tracks Thanks to the boys for saving this absolute dumpster fire of a year. Fuck I love this band.
  4. They're ok my end. Has it resolved itself for you yet @Padme?
  5. Are you able to PM me a screenshot (or post in here) please?
  6. This is cool; NGL though - I was hoping for a full album of Planetary Lockdown / Cintaku.
  7. Welcome to the retirement club @RussTCB!
  8. I get the sense that is what's happening. This band / management team always seems to be starting from square one - so any time there is an idea, it seems to be a lot of work to get off the ground and into reality. To me, this would be very easy for a larger team with more contacts / knowledge of how to get from A to B in this area. TB may still deliver, but it will inevitably take a long time. They clearly know how to organise and run a smooth touring operation. But TB don't seem to have the structure / contacts / organisation in place to make ad-hoc releases like this a sea
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