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  1. amoeba released their list and it has what's delayed and cancelled and what not...
  2. Scotty is the musician death that hit me the hardest out of them all.
  3. Sucks. Cinderella is awesome. I've seen them a handful of times over the years and they always put on a great show and Jeff was always great on stage. Crazy to think the first time I saw them was with Quiet Riot and now Jeff, Kevin Dubrow and Frankie are all gone. Based on the interview from a few years ago when he said his vices were the reason Cinderella was inactive, I have to imagine that's the cause of it. It's really unfortunate and sad to see these guys not able to kick their demons/vices as they get into their 50's and 60's and their bodies just can't handle it anymore.
  4. I recently got the Margo Price 7" box set that was released. It's a neat little box and the singles come in a series of shipments, so it's a fun little thing. RSD is this saturday again. I am going to try to get the April March Record and the St Vincent 7". The one release I REALLY wanted which was Joe Perry's solo album from a couple years ago got cancelled a couple months ago, so thats a bummer.
  5. 2nd to last album, just last released. The way it was released and how the narrative was "the beatles breaking up" in the hogg film always has people forgetting that for a band that was breaking up, they went and recorded a little thing called Abbey Road after that. except of course for "I, Me, Mine" which was recorded after John had quit the band which begs the question..."is it really a beatles song?"
  6. yeah seems like the plan changed maybe. Because it was originally going to be in theaters and what not too...not that they can't do three showings of the three separate parts but it sure seemed the plan was to make like a 2 hour or so film, rather than a small series. the more the better though! I can't wait.
  7. yeah that &quot typo is pretty sad. I noticed that right when I got it and was a little shocked at what shitty proofing gets done. Typos happen but having what is essentially like code from a website on the credits is pretty bad.
  8. your username is awesome I fucking love ugly kid joe.
  9. That was fun. Love seeing slash without his cartoon hat. Love seeing Robert do anything that isn’t “STP” these days. Can’t stand that Scott Weiland cosplayer. I got to see Robert and Slash play together live once, along with Dean, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry. It was awesome.
  10. You have to buy the 6-LP version to really get all the songs from the movie. The 2LP version is a straight re-issue of the original. I will buy one of the deluxe sets a little closer to release. Great film, great soundtrack.
  11. I, by default, get excited when I see GNR dates in my area or somewhere I can travel to easily but then reality sets in that the shows are boring and axl can't sing anymore. The last show I was at was the big 4 hour show at the forum and man, what a bloated fucking event that was...and then when I heard it on sirius xm the next day and realized how bad axl actually sounded, it pretty much set in stone that I won't see them again. I could have went to that show at the palladium and I even passed on that and that's a pretty small venue for them so barring Izzy and Matt/Steven being back, I'
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