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  1. Depends... If it is a band I absolutely love and collect, like as a hobby...I'll probably get an original or both If it is a band that I recently discovered that I think is pretty cool and want their music but am not some huge fan or anything, reissues are just fine. Funny thing is too, in terms of collecting...with some of the reissues these days coming in so many limited variants, sometimes a reissue will be more valuable than an original.
  2. If they are cool, I keep them. If it’s something that just easy “180g vinyl” or so,etching stupid like that, I trash them. Like Russ, I will try to peel them off and put them on the sleeves I use.
  3. Me too! The social network soundtrack just got reissued. That had been going for like a few hundred on eBay for years. Super excited to get it for 38 bucks.
  4. it could change on any day but for now... The Beatles - The Beatles Apple - Mother Love Bone Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys Ritual De Lo Habitual - Jane’s Addiction Sgt. Pepper - The Beatles Bonus: Twin Peaks OST - Angelo Badalamenti
  5. I posted this in the locked and loaded thread but at udiscovermusic right now they have a 30% off sale and if you use code 30OFF!FALL, you get an additional 30% off. i picked up volumes 1 and 2 or the Def Leppard box sets for essentially the price of one of them. Theres some other good box sets by soundgarden, john Lennon, etc that can be had for great prices right now.
  6. If you still want this set udiscovermusic has it for 30% off and you can use 30OFF!FALL for an additional 30 off and get it for 240 shipped.
  7. If you still want this set udiscovermusic has it for 30% off and you can use 30OFF!FALL for an additional 30 off and get it for 240 shipped.
  8. a caricature of a skull wearing a hat made to slightly resemble someone is not their likeness.
  9. Yeah I’m not buying that shit. i have a 7” single of sympathy so no need for that terrible GH release.
  10. I've recently purchased: All of St. Vincent's albums. Rise 7" by Alison Mosshart Gang War (johnny thunders and wane kramer) Eminem - Curtain Call (greatest hits) Target had an exclusive blue version
  11. I’ve seen him a few times live since 2014 and very up close, fortunately enough. It is always a blast. He puts on an amazing show and the newer material blends in perfectly with the newer interpretations of zeppelin tunes his band does.
  12. I'm going for that let it bleed, hand poured album strictly as a resell item. With only 900 made, if you can get one, it will go for A LOT. And yeah, this 3rd drop from the "april" RSD is the one I've been waiting for. I think there are like 4-5 titles I am after.
  13. 4x in 2006 (inland invasion and all there nights at gibson amphitheater) 1x in 2011 (the la forum) 2x in 2016 (Dodger Stadium) 3x in 2017 (twice in London and once at the LA Forum) so 10x total for the name GNR I also saw VR 14x which is just as much GNR to me as the 2006/2011 shows. As well as plenty of shows by Slash solo Adler, Gilby, Duff projects including 2x with Janes Addiction, etc.... Out of all of them, VR was the best, especially the show at the Whisky.
  14. I'm going for McCartney and i feel like there was one or two others.
  15. I've always enjoyed the chicago one form i think 91 or 92 where he talks about the judgmental pot smoking fuckheads "yeah im cool" that one cracks me up.
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