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  1. yeah I am considering selling them as well now. I've gotten to a point recently where like unless it's a band I specifically collect, I don't really need expensive pressings if there are other alternatives.
  2. Holy shit! that skid row set...amazing. I just sold my og copy of subhuman for like 300+ or something last year, so i'm happy that i'll get it back.
  3. I think the way the Beatles released is the way it was meant to be. To each their own, I’m just glad they are releasing all these anniversary sets, so if the new mixes are the main element of them, keep ‘em coming.
  4. It’s funny because I actually think Giles mixes are masturbatory nonsense that are completely unnecessary. It’s awesome having so many outtakes and demos officially released through all these box sets though. also, can’t wait for the doc next month.
  5. I have the new Let It Be deluxe box arriving today. Excited it's finally out since it should have came out last year but covid fucked everything up.
  6. I had thought about going this past weekend since Sleater Kinney and Margo Price were there as well but ultimately didn't end up making the trip. Did you catch either of them play?
  7. Sounds like health issues are quickly creeping up on him. Good for him retiring but hopefully we don’t lose him shortly after.
  8. ordered a few more Nick Cave albums as well as a Sleater Kinney album this week...should arrive by the weekend I suppose.
  9. The big issue to me here (which probably has been covered but I'm not reading all of this shit) is that yes, there is a big backup at pressing plants but the fact that we are getting that long of a wait means that they have no clue what the fuck they are doing in terms of planning. They should have sent these to a plant early this year and had it ready for the tour or at least RSDBF. To me, it just paints the picture of a management team flying by the seat of their pants. Honestly, no one will give a shit about Hard Skool by 6/2022.
  10. Saw St. Vincent at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday. What a fucking show. She’s incredible.
  11. They tried a few years ago and couldn't even get past a group text message. It won't happen. Bach is too much of a child. Funny enough, I think Skid Row is also playing slave in its entirety, so just go see both shows and combine them in your brain. It says A LOT about working with Bach that Rachel and Snake have continued to turn money down time and time again to do it.
  12. I’ve trimmed down my blu ray collection quite a bit but my main format of music is vinyl and always will be. cds to me are pointless though. I sold all mine probably 10 years ago or so as I would load them on to iTunes and then stuff them in a drawer. Cds are to me, like a small hard drive. They just have the information on them, whereas as vinyl, the sound waves are actually pressed in to the record. It’s a different experience where you are literally listening to the record and interacting with the music by dropping your needle on it, where as with a cd you are listening to the information that is digitally stored on it which really makes it no different than a computer, phone or any other digital storage.
  13. yeah, what a bummer to hear about Mike. Hope he gets to feeling better. He’s such an incredible performer and artist. one of my favorite shows of like the last decade is seeing FNM at the troubadour. They announced it day of by them posting a link on Twitter for tickets to a band called lump playing the troubadour that night. It was fucking amazing. also saw him with dead cross a few years back.
  14. I’ve been super caught up in the CM Punk hype in the last couple weeks so I ordered Living Colour’s “Vivid” off eBay.
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