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  1. Pre-ordered the new KISS live album. Cool that they are releasing a singer/frehley show. That’s a good lineup.
  2. Seriously man, they are so good live. One of the shows I went to was the Xmas ones in Vegas and we had these seats that were actually on the stage and at one point the animal comes over and grabs me by the shoulders and shakes me and almost knocked me off the stage. It was so awesome.
  3. That’s a great fucking album. Shows how they can hang with so many of the metal bands.
  4. Picked up the target exclusive of Pearl Jam’s ten. I’m not a huge PJ fan and think the bands that led to their formation (especially mother love bone) are generally better but it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m currently listening to sgt. pepper in mono. If you’ve never heard it in mono, it’s a very different record and simply incredible.
  5. Off the top of my head, the bands I've seen the most are something like this: Cheap Trick - 41 or 42 Velvet Revolver - 14 KISS - 12 Alice Cooper - 11 Guns N' Roses (all incarnations) - 10 Ace Frehley - 10 The Kills - 9 Stone Temple Pilots - 8 Slash solo - 8 or 9 or something Aerosmith - 7 Motley Crue - 6 Paul McCartney - 5 Jane's Addiction - 5 (twice with Duff!) The Raconteurs - 5 after that, there are tons of bands in the 2/3/4 range.
  6. I'm 4 days in from getting the J/J Clot shot. Hopefully I'm not one in a million! I'm not very concerned but I have to say it was not fun to read the news of it being halted 3 days after getting it.
  7. Went to amoeba yesterday for the first time since the new location opened. I’m not as in to the new building. It’s a little smaller and more cramped and the collectible vinyl is scattered throughout the store rather than all being on the back wall. nice to have them back though, I will visit again when they have normal hours and I can go during a slower time.
  8. Got the j/j shot yesterday so I’m done. things are going pretty well in California right now too, so hopefully it continues this way.
  9. I just keep them on the shelf with everything else. Sometimes with boxes like some of the older TMR vaults that have like dvd, patches, etc...i've just sold all the novelty shit and have the records in the box. Mostly all boxsets I buy are really just albums in a box though...maybe a poster or booklet here or there, like the recent John Lennon Gimme Some Truth box.
  10. Same here! Only things I'll get are the Joe Perry album (finally) and the St. Vincent 7" and those are both in the July drop.
  11. yeah I always had the opinion of "I don't need that, the original songs are perfect." I guess I finally just got to the point where I thought it'd be fun to mix things up a bit. I listen to the beatles station on sirius xm a lot and they'll play tracks from it here and there and that's what finally did me in.
  12. picked up the HER soundtrack and the Beatles Love LP this weekend. As for shitty discogs sellers, I've had a couple over time. The fact that seeing images of the item isn't easier and that all the sellers just make up their own grading, which is what their listings are based upon, is shitty. I feel there are some dumb people on there that just list stuff they have and have NO clue how to ship records.
  13. yeah I remember when i finally went through and did mine, it was quite a project, especially when you get in to bands like the beatles, stones etc where there are SO many pressings of everything and you have to sit there and squint your eyes to read matrix numbers to figure out what is what.
  14. pre-ordered St. Vincent's new album today on vinyl from good records and on 8-track through her store. also ordered Alice Cooper's new album from good records because they have a cool exclusive print that comes with it and I was going to buy the album anyway. I have a couple copies of the Only Lover's Left Alive OST coming, I think in May as well. The only thing I have bought in a store recently is a 12" single of been caught stealing, which I already had but this version comes in a cool little box.
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