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  1. Found this Slash interview on the 2021 tour, new album and Halloween. Thoughts?
  2. These setlists have been absolutely great. I love the "By Request" thing.
  3. These anti-vaxxers have gone completely out of control here in New Zealand. They are literally calling the vaccine booking department and 1) making fake bookings and 2) spending a real long time with them to "ask questions", so the operators can't respond to people who actually want to be vaccinated. I have nothing against anti-vaxxers, but this is just absolute bullshit.
  4. Anti-vaxxers completely re-invent the vaccine
  5. Jesus Christ, why are the tickets so faking expensive. Right off the bat, the lowest ticket prices is about $95 USD.
  6. That's a good idea, but there is the possibility that the tickets haven't actually gone on sale yet. The show's not happening until next year, so I think I can wait. But thanks for that!
  7. I'll be honest with you. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are 100 percent more organized than Guns.
  8. Damn, they're doing stadiums!!
  9. Help I can't find any tickets for the Guns N' Roses Eden Park show I've checked on Ticketmaster (no luck), Ted Daginity (no luck), and Ticketek which was explaining very detailed about the concert, but there were no FUCKING TICKETS!!!! If anybody has found anywhere when they can buy tickets, please, please let me know!!
  10. Can you get any cheaper than $69.50?
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