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Do you think the the old lineup is sick and tired of being asked about GnR?



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If I were Slash or Duff, I'd be sick and tired of being asked about GnR and Axl in every interview. I'm sure they know they're gonna get asked about a reunion over and over and over again and I'm sure they've all tried to be polite and they've patiently talked about GnR whenever someone brings it up. But do you think they're just sick and tired of talking about their past and fed up with people asking them about a reunion and about Axl and about who wrote what song on AFD and who played what on UYI and who said what and all those questions I'm sure keep coming up all the time?

I'm sure they've all wanted to move on and they have, but people just won't let them leave their past 100% behind.

Any thoughts on this?

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