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VIP tables (section 305) The Joint Hard Rock Las Vegas..worth the money??


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I remember going to the show at the "old" joint on Dec. 29, 2001 in GA and have done General Admission almost everytime since, but this time I noticed the joint offers VIP tables for this event, in which I reserved a table with four chairs. They are only about 35-40 more per ticket to get a table. The only thing I'm worried about is the view of the concert, or where the tables are placed it won't sound or look as good from that vantage point. Has anyone ever done something like this or know anything about the joint and the VIP Section 305 area..I hear its great, but would love to hear some opinions on the matter. THANK YOU in advance!

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You've probably seen the seating chart, but it's not that helpful unless you've seen a picture, too.


Although I did not sit there, acoustics at The Joint are designed to be really good. Also, from the picture, you're very close - even on the 305 level - way closer than the reserved balcony bleachers (which are less than 150 feet from the stage anyway). I guess you might have a blindspot if you're at the very closest table and wanted to watch that side of the stage, but I think it's going to be a good view all the way down. From where I was standing (at the rail, up front), those people had a wonderful time. No obstructions, no annoying people getting up and coming back, AND you have either plenty of space for your drinks, or you also have table service. Pretty sweet. The front of GA also had cocktail waitresses between sets, but having a table is pretty sweet. From up there I think you have a great look at the whole production.

They reserve the table but seating is first come first serve, whatever that might mean (maybe it's just they don't sell Seat 1 Table-5, Seat 2 Table-5, etc).

My opinion: Go to two shows, one of them GA.

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