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Cracked.com: 5 Mind-Blowing True Stories Behind Famous Songs


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Thought this was pretty funny:

#5. Axl Rose Records Himself Having Sex for "Rocket Queen"


Axl Rose is known for two things: utter perfectionism and batshit insanity. The former is the reason he spent 15 years and $13 million to complete an album that, ultimately, only he and his dog cared about. The latter explains such acts of silliness as

who commit the cardinal sin of taking pictures, walking out on a show after their co-headliner set himself on fire, regularly showing up hours late for concerts with no good explanation whatsoever, and threatening to kill himself unless his girlfriend married him.
But what happens when the two sides of Axl's head come together? Well, you get "Rocket Queen." The closing track on the Appetite for Destruction album sounded OK enough, but Axl felt the mid-song breakdown needed a little something extra. Most people would have suggested something musical, it being a song and all. Did Axl call for a drum fill? A second guitar solo? Nope. He decided to insert sex sounds, and we're not talking about recording a snippet of some random porn movie.


No, Axl decided to bang a real woman in the studio, for sound-effects purposes. He found a willing woman -- Adriana Smith, the girlfriend of Steven Adler (the band's drummer). Apparently, Adler had just cheated on her, so her version of revenge was to bang the lead singer, with an engineer looking on and recording the whole thing.
And Axl didn't even get her excited. No, he had a backup harmonica player do that. Axl allowed him to strip down with Smith and get her wet and willing, and only then did he step in and perform the ultimate cockblock, saying, "I'm sorry, but I'm gonna fuck this girl now. It's for the record. We're putting it on the record." Because, to Axl Rose, a day without utter douchebaggery is like a day without sunshine.

Hear those moans starting at the 2:40 mark? That's Adriana Smith. Her vocal acrobatics extend throughout the entire break and into the chorus, which makes it seem like Axl was singing the damn song while attempting to "take her down to Paradise City" with "his boner." Sadly, for all of her hard work, Smith didn't even get a songwriting credit. She did, however, develop a drug and alcohol habit, due to all the "extreme shame and guilt and stuff." We can't help but wonder what they did when it came time to play the song live on stage -- we're guessing they just had Izzy make moaning sounds into the mic.
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