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  1. I imagine things would be very different, for example we'd be waiting 13yrs for a new Axl solo album instead of a new guns album...
  2. Do guns even have enough songs to do an all new show without playing a load of obscure random tracks for the sake of it? Man, next year is 10yrs since I started listening to guns and there hasn't been any new songs aside from the leaks 😔
  3. I can't believe there's been no activity whatsoever. Bit off topic, but Frankie Valli, 87 years old, recorded a new album in lockdown and also posted videos to YouTube he'd done with his band over zoom. Absolutely nothing from guns whatsoever except a select every now and again. I think Eddie Truck was right when he said if a band doesn't record an album when they have all this free time, they have no intention of ever doing so
  4. Is there really a concert being officially released at the end of the year? Where was this confirmed?
  5. That would be amazing. To be honest I thought it would've happened already, but the longer this "reunion" goes on the more obvious it is becoming that this was never meant to be a creative regrouping, but more so 3 men looking for a little nest egg before retirement.
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