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  1. Is there really a concert being officially released at the end of the year? Where was this confirmed?
  2. That would be amazing. To be honest I thought it would've happened already, but the longer this "reunion" goes on the more obvious it is becoming that this was never meant to be a creative regrouping, but more so 3 men looking for a little nest egg before retirement.
  3. Completely agree, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Reading through the comments it comes across as bashing as opposed to anything constructive though, just my opinion
  4. When the band don't post a video they get shit. When they post a video they also get shit, no pleasing some people. Sure it isn't perfect (afterall it is a live performance), but i am grateful the band are doing this and look forward to the next one!
  5. Couldn't ask for more? To each their own but I expected more from a reunion than a handful of deepcuts. To me that's the low hanging fruit, easiest thing they could do. Interviews, new music and regular communication? That's something that takes a slightly higher level of effort and commitment and is something we've not seen here.
  6. Vast majority of the discussion came after Fernando's announcement and was about the length of time it was taking to put out a video. After the video was released people voiced their opinion on the video, completely fine and I don't see any sense of entitlement in doing that. Again, playing a few deepcuts is the only interesting thing this lineup has done in the last 4 years. Imagine telling a fan that by 2020 the only thing to come of the reunion is a few deepcuts and there's still no news on any new music, still no band interview or communication, and now touring the same cities for th
  7. No, it's not. If the band were actually releasing stuff, actively communicating with the fan base, actually doing something other than hitting city X for the 3rd time on the same tour with basically an identical setlist, then yes it would be a sense of entitlement. But that's not the case here. What have we had from the band themselves since 2014, besides Slash and Duff and a handful of deepcuts over a 4yr period? Absolutely nothing when you think of the potential that was there. Really don't know how you can think people have a sense of self entitlement when the band literally giv
  8. If you'd of told this forum in 2016 that by 2020: - guns are STILL touring NITL, with many places on their 3rd or 4th run of shows - there is still no new music in the set or concrete plans to release anything I think people would be equally surprised, or maybe not. I myself like the footage, it's a brilliant step forward, but the way this band treats its fan base people have the right to moan. I don't think it's a sense of entitlement, but when the fanbase are deprived of basically everything except live shows for extortionate prices, it makes people's expectations for t
  9. Maybe it's like the new album; they have all the stuff ready to go, they just don't know how to release it! 🤔
  10. Man I can't believe this still hasn't happened. How hard is it to actually post a live concert or a few songs to YouTube? Usually I'd be annoyed at myself for thinking TB and GNR would actually follow through with something, but I really thought that even they couldn't screw up something this simple. Please TB, keep looking very seriously in this regard and keep up those 3hr meetings, maybe we'll have something for the next pandemic... Pathetic.
  11. Man, something really went wrong with Axl's voice after the 2016 gigs. We've seen stages before where his voice wasn't at its best (2012/2013), but it was never like this. Specifically the scream in KOHD, Madagascar, Jungle scream, Coma. As fun as it was hearing Axl sing AC/DC like it was the 90s all over again, it has done some serious damage that he might never recover from.
  12. This is now the perfect time for them to record an album: tour will likely be postponed due to corona, and all members are free. But I bet it won't happen.
  13. Can't see it ever happening. Axl is creatively dead and the band will keep milking us fans for as long as possible (I'm one of them, Marley Park 2020 😁) 17yrs between UYI and CD, and 12yrs between CD and nothing.
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