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The Black Donnellys


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Anybody ever watch this show? It's on Netflix. It's about a family of Irish-Americans in the Bronx who are part of the Irish mob there. There are four brothers. 3 are heavily involved in the organized crime and are real fuck-ups, and one brother just wants to live a regular life and be an art student. But he's the one that everyone goes to to say that he needs to straighten his brothers out. So since he feels the responsibility to help out his brothers and get them to fly right, he himself gets sucked into the world of organized crime. It's a good and well-written series.

Unfortunately, it looks like it wasn't well-known when it came out and didn't get popular enough, because only one season was made. It had been on NBC in 2007. It's pretty edgy, a lot edgier than what they usually have for their programming. I've only seen 2 of the 13 episodes so far. Anybody else ever watch it?

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