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14 years on

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Most interesting:

Asked whether he ever considered going under his own name instead of keeping the Guns N` Roses tag, Rose says; ''It is something I lived by before these guys were in it. And there were other people in Guns N` Roses before them, you know. I contemplated letting go of that, but it doesn't feel right in any way. I am not the person who chose to try to kill it and walk away.''

Rose does point out that the expense will be less glaring if, as he expects, he gets another record out of the hours and hours of material he's committed to tape, possibly one that's even more industrial and electronica-influence than Chinese Democracy. ''I'd like to take some of the old Guns fans along with me gradually into the twenty-first century,'' he says.

I also wasnt aware of the two removed songs One in a million and Look at your game girl

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