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Dune. The books, The movies, The franchise. Forum opinions?


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Just watched the David Lynch adaptation of the book. I think I had seen it before, but I don't really remember it. Anyway, the movie was intriguing, lot of potential, but there were points where I had to make myself watch. I had to force myself to finish it. Some parts were unbelievably boring.

Anyway, I checked out some reviews of the books, read a few opinions on Amazon, and I'm just curious what the board thinks of this franchise. Big science fiction fan here, but I did not even know the first book was the best selling sci-fi book of all time or that many people feel like George Lucas ripped off the series with Star Wars.

Thinking about buying the books? Anyone read them? Opinions?

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Funny you should mention it now, because I'm rereading the series these days. Finished the first two books and I'm starting the third one. First time I'm reading them in English.

They're absolutely worth reading, no question about it. There's a reason why Dune always comes on top whenever people do best or greatest scifi rankings. It's THE scifi work.

The Lynch movie was atrocious. I think the only thing he got right (mostly) was the casting.

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