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Prisoner broke out of jail to escape rap music


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AN ESCAPED prisoner broke out of jail to escape loud rap music being played 'day and night' on his wing, a court heard.

Robert Stevens, 58, a convicted robber, was sick of the music being played constantly by fellow inmates.

He escaped from category D prison HMP Leyhill in Tortworth, South Gloucestershire on Sunday, March 9 by climbing over a wall.

The fugitive – who had been serving a six and a half year sentence for robbery – spent 20 days at large in the South West before being nabbed at a bookmakers in Bridport, Dorset.

In mitigation, Jamie Porter told Dorchester Crown Court the defendant was also being constantly pestered to purchase drugs by younger cellmates.

Prosecuting, Carolyn Branford-Wood told the court that police were alerted by a member of the public and, when approached by an officer, Mr Stevens said: “Thank God you’ve found me, I was hoping this would happen.”

Mr Stevens was convicted of robbery at Bristol Crown Court in November, 2011 and has 21 convictions for 45 offences spanning four decades.

Mr Porter said: “Stevens has apologised for his behaviour. It was an impulsive act on his part. “It is quite clear he does not wish to commit any more crime.

“He was in a very noisy wing where rap music was being played day and night.”

Stevens had been about to hand himself in when he was recognised and arrested, he added.

Sentencing Stevens to serve ten months on top of his existing sentence, Judge Roger Jarvis said the escape was “impulsive and opportunistic.”

He added: “The reason for your escape has been explained to me as your unhappiness at people who were with you in prison.

“I’m afraid that’s one of the prices people pay if they commit crimes and go to prison.

“Those who escape from prison have to be sentenced in a way that is a deterrent to other prisoners.”


Robert Stevens said he couldn't cope with the constant rap music played by younger inmates

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Guest Len B'stard

GTF you listen to the music you do because it was the only music sterile enough to be tolerated by the communist junta in the country you come from so you can shut the fuck up for a start :lol:

I can just see the workers party leadership with a big red commie marker going through a list like...NWA..crossed out...Tupac Shakur...crossed out...Mark Knopfler, Pink Floyd, Status Quo? BIG tick!

Welcome to Red Radio, broadcasting live across the Eastern Bloc, bringing you the hottest sounds of the summer, come on kids, lets twist again! :lol: Dig that crazy jive Woicech! :lol:

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