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What's the reason random people add me on Skype?


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So yeah, the title says it all really.

Every now and then, like once a month or so some random person adds me on Skype. It's usually someone claiming to be a woman that wants to show me nudes of herself or wants me to watch her naked on cam.

I never accept of course and usually just block them.

Today someone added me again. So I decided to just see what she had to say.

[00:35:01] loud.eshean: Hello! Please add me to your Contact list.
[00:35:31] S.S.: Who's this?
[00:35:59] loud.eshean: well i just got out of the shower, you sound nice lets have sum fun...
[00:40:56] S.S.: Oh
[00:41:29] loud.eshean: my video cam is turned on.. . wanna take a p eek? Ill show you but dont tell any one, ok?
[00:42:06] S.S.: I could probably do without that.
[00:42:36] loud.eshean: im going to give you a crush invite, all u have to do is Accept, ill show ya
[00:43:50] S.S.: I'm not really into that stuff.
[00:44:17] loud.eshean: i am basically naked right now, my nipples are soo nipply check it out lol
[00:44:49] S.S.: What's the purpose of this?
[00:45:18] loud.eshean: this is me go here http://UkwQ2C9H. securecameet.com and clic on join (the accept invite button)
[00:46:29] S.S.: What's the purpose of this?
[00:46:55] loud.eshean: it is entirely free, its just for age verification reasons.. keeps the children out.
[00:46:55] S.S.: Are you sending me a virus or something?
[00:47:13] loud.eshean: virus ?? no LOL
[00:48:30] S.S.: I see.
[00:48:55] loud.eshean: just get your username, hurry im wearing see through panties.. im sooo hot
[00:50:35] S.S.: Well, I'm preparing for bed you see. It's almost 1am here and I have to be up by 5.30
[00:51:02] loud.eshean: wish u were in my bed having your way with me ;)
[00:52:01] loud.eshean: ok once your in my video room go 2 private with me so we can chat just me n you

I changed the link so it isn't clickable is all. What are these things for? Like, do they hack computers this way, or just spread viruses, or what's it about? Just trolling? I've been wondering this for a long time.

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