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A New Aussie Cover Song

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If another tour kicks off and if they were looking to change the show up a bit. Axl obviously has a like for early Oz Rock. Over the years guns have played AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, The Angels.

Not sure how many of the members on here have heard of Stevie Wright from the Easybeats, I'm sure Axl would have heard there tunes.

One song that I think would suit a Guns show and a studio recording for an album would be Evie parts 123.

Stevie Wright was a pioneer in Oz Rock and a kickass frontman. I for one would love to hear Axl perform this song, it has a rocking upbeat beginning, slow ballad middle and a mix of both parts to end the song. 11-12 minutes in total.

One of the best songs to ever come out of Australia and performed by a real Rock n' Roller. Thoughts?

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Well, obviously just about everybody's preference would be for Axl to play one of his own songs that we havent heard yet (can't call them new anymore) but it's not a bad suggestion for a cover.

For those who don't know, besides Stevie Wright, The Easybeats (of Friday On My Mind fame) featured Harry Vanda on lead and George Young (older brother of Angus and Malcolm) on rhythm guitar, who went on to produce most of the Bon Scott era ACDC albums, The Angels, Rose Tattoo etc etc.

Stevie Wright was actually their first choice for a singer.

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