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"Review" with Andy Daly - one of the funniest shows I've seen

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For those who don't know, Daly was the principal in Eastbound and Down. He has a relatively new show on Comedy Central called "Review," where he plays a former critic who decides to start rating aspects of the life experience. So, for example, in one episode he sets about to join the mile high club and give it a review.

I jumped right into the second season and am playing catch up with the first, but it's truly twisted and funny. Daly is perfect because he plays this ostensibly nice guy who just finds himself in absolutely horrid situations because of his job, and he ramps up the naivete which is what makes it funny. He doesn't have a clue that the things he's doing are horrible, which is what makes it funny. I'm always of the opinion that mean-spirited things aren't as funny if the person doing them is self-aware, and because his character is so clueless it makes the gags work.

I highly recommend it.

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