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The Bridge Across Forever (Book Axl read/liked)

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Don't throw old fruit at me if this topic has already been talked about before. Apologies? So the fangirl in me went through Erin's auction items last night...I knew about the auction happening years ago but didn't pay much attention (had I known I'd likely have thrown away some money trying to get some small trinket) but anyways curious to me most of all was the book in the listing by Richard Bach - The Bridge Across Forever. Has anyone ever read it? I'm not one that can easily get into Fiction, but maybe I'd give this one a shot. I realize Axl read it in his 20's but it might still be interesting to read something he was really into at one time. ALSO interesting to me when I was looking at the Author's other works there are a couple with the titled Illusions. I know a lot of GN'R history/factoids but honestly never remember hearing where the title Use Your Illusion came from. Okay I'm off to work at my shitty job. Hopefully someone replies. (Also might I add that I used to regularly come here a good 5 years ago and the forums sucked me right in...that's kind of why I left. Bad Obsession)

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