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Gunz n Rozes Scotland - Scotland's GnR Tribute

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Hi Guys,

I'm a member of Scotland's only Guns n Roses tribute band.

I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to check out our band pages and like, even possibly share the Facebbok page. We LOVE the classic era line up and try our best to do it justice.

"Gunz n Rozes Scotland" pay tribute to the world's most dangerous band: Guns N' Roses.

GnR Scotland will deliver an authentic classic line up musical experience, focussing on performances from the notorious 1987-1993 era that fans associate most with the band.

With the power vocals of Axl (Gary S); the piercing solos of Slash (PC), the driving guitar of Izzy Stradlin (Craig H), and the thunderous rhythm section of Steven Adler (Gaz K) and Duff McKagan (Corey) we replicate that authentic 80s rock sound made famous by the band during the period that they were considered the biggest band in the world.

Gunz n Rozes Scotland will play a full 90min set list full of your favourite GnR songs just the way you remember them

You can expect a greatest hits set list including classics such as Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, Live and Let Die, Paradise City, You Could be Mine, Mr Brownstone and of course the seminal Sweet Child O' Mine.

Pull out your ripped denims and studded leather jackets and join us in a night of hard rock nostalgia with one of rock musics most highly regarded bands.

Join us at:




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