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  • 7 months later...
its not that new ive seen it allready on other sites.

as far as i know he still has braids.

Horsey, of course you've seen the pics before. We all have.

Take a look at the date on this thread -- it's from August of 2002!

Who keeps resurrecting all these old threads?  ::)

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he'll probably still have that shit....if he did change it...it would be like he changed them because of all the bad press he was getting about that shit.  which would blow..conforming to others nasty opinions to make yourself look good.  thumbs down on that


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does he have dreadlocks or braids now??

Well, if those are REAL dreadlocks, then better get used to it, I for once think dreadlocks  are great but one thing is sure, once you got dreadlock you can't go back unless of course you CUT your hair really short, you know, cut the dreadlocks so new hair can grow.

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