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Mark Tremonti Sings Frank Sinatra


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Alter Bridge/Tremonti/Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti is releasing a Frank Sinatra covers album recorded with some original members of Sinatra's band. All proceeds go to the National Down Syndrome Society (Mark has a 1-year-old daughter named Stella who has Down syndrome). It's part of a larger charity effort he is starting called Take a Chance for Charity. 

Billboard article - https://www.billboard.com/music/rock/mark-tremonti-sings-frank-sinatra-covers-album-1235045974/

First song, "I've Got You Under My Skin": 


And here's a video with more about the project: 


Website for the project - https://tremontisingssinatra.com/

A few reactions from some big names, including Slash: 


“Mark's take on Sinatra is nothing short of uncanny. I could never have expected one of my fav metal guitarists to do such faithful renditions of Sinatra classics. Not only instrumentally, but vocally! & these recordings are for a cause near & dear to my heart; I was very close to an uncle who had Down Syndrome when I was growing up. I fully appreciate & support Mark's commitment to NDSS.“


Wow! I am absolutely blown away by Mark’s performance on this album!! He delivers the songs authentically, embodying all that is Frank but giving us a glimpse of his own personality as well. I love the arrangements and the fact that some of Frank’s original band members contributed to these tracks. Honestly, I’ve known Mark for a long time and know he is super talented but had no idea he was capable of channeling Ol' Blue Eyes like that! Just absolutely beautifully done and what makes everything even that much more touching is the cause. I bet Mark’s daughter Stella was in his heart during every step of the recording processes. Incredible!

-John Petrucci


Holy Shit, I knew Mark was a ripping guitar player but no way did I ever have a notion that he had golden pipes as well!!!

Totally blown away, totally into it, let's hear more Mark!!!”
- Kirk Hammett


“Once again Mark Tremonti never ceases to amaze me. These renditions of some of the most beloved Sinatra tunes, are so eloquently done that it is remarkable. And what a beautiful gift to the NDSS. Much love, respect, and success to this incredible project”. 

-Brent Smith (Shinedown)


“When Mark first played me a track from this project my jaw dropped. Gave me chills! This is a side of Marks voice that people need to hear and I’m certain they will be just as blown away as I was. “ 

- Chris Daughtry 

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