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I know this has probably been done b4 multiple times... but times change... anyway... i used to use Kazaa Lite... until my computer broke... i tried to put it on my sisters computer and it didnt work for some reason.. K lite was becoming shit anyway...

anyway... now ive gone back to Soul Seek and its ok... but not great...So what do u use... WinMX isnt that great either... and Bit Torrent is hard to find files...

Any solutions?

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Well I started off with Kazaa, tried Ares (not much there except porn lol)... Then I started using DC++ it's the best one !

I get some stuff from IRC too.

But now our school has blocked DC++ and it doesn't work anymore! "Great"

How the hell do you use DC++,It doesn't seem to work for me. :angry:

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That's all I wanna say people. Hands down!

Thanks for that.... its good.. .but not.

It finds music really well... but i have like 4 songs just sitting there and it says waiting and it doesnt look like its gonna start any time soon.... oh well

:lol: Me too, I can't seem to make it work.

Use Ares or Limewire!

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emule!! Still the best! Don't be impatient with it, it takes sometime to get some speed. the longer you're on the network without disconnecting the more likely you'll get your download working.

As for music, try to download whole albums in the rar or zip format (search for "archives"), you'll find more full albums than single mp3 songs (unless they're very popular)

Here is the official site which contains the latest version and all the infos needed (FAQ, Settings, etc.):

Emule Project

The site is in multiple languages, just click on your countries flag.

Be sure not to connect to servers from the MPAA or RIAA ("tribes"-server) cause they try to get information on users. Always have an IP-filter in your emule- config folder to ban all the bad companies who might wanna stop you :) (I can e-mail you the latest if you want)

Sites like ShareProvider will give you tons of emule links to nice files. But the search function also works well

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